Final Space

CEC_FinalSpace_photocredit_Eugene_Ahn_1 CEC_FinalSpace_photocredit_Eugene_Ahn_2 FinSpace DSCF1865 FinSpace3 CEC_FinalSpace1_Cloud_Eye_Control CEC_FinalSpace_photocredit_Eugene_Ahn_4

Final Space tells the original story of a young woman, Ina, beckoned out of her lucid dream state by a malfunctioning dream sucking machine. The story explores technology in practice: There are many ambiguous moments where Ina’s real life body merges with the animation to create optical illusions through the use of multiple projector positionings. It also explores technology in narrative: The main character is constantly testing the relationship between her own memory and the technologies that may be shaping and or robbing her of her own experience.

Her lucid dreams transform into mouths that start commanding her moves. Her arms and head grow and shrink. The moon unfolds and reveals itself in abstractions and taunts. Ina finally decides to step out of the chaos and make a symbolic journey away from her oppressive landscape. Through puppetry, optical illusions, performance and video, the story unfolds about a woman who abandons her oppressive technological world, only to land on an inhospitable moon landscape. It is there that she must meditate and use rudimentary flash cards to re-imagine a world that contains warmth, home, friendship, and hope.


Manipulate Festival (Edinburgh)
TBA Festival (Portland)
Duke University
Mt. Wilson Observatory
Center Stage Theater (Santa Barbara)
Images Festival (Toronto)
San Francisco International Film Festival
Platform International Animation Festival (Portland)