Los Angeles Premier of Under Polaris @ REDCAT October 14-18, 2009


Cloud Eye Control’s latest work, Under Polaristells the story of an epic journey into an Arctic wonderland. A woman embarks upon an incredible mission to preserve the finer elements of humanity in Arctic ice. Along the way, she disguises herself as animals to help her survive the elements-and in the process, learns about the delicate interdependence between humans and nature.


“a transcendently spectacular piece of theater” LA Times Arts Review

Under Polaris in the news! Los Angeles TimesLAistSpike Jonze

Featuring the talents of:

Cloud Eye Control: Miwa Matreyek, Anna Oxygen, Chi-wang Yang
Video Programming & Sound Design: Nathan Ruyle
Lighting Design: Chris Kuhl
Music Director: Sage Lewis
Musicans: Radio Sloan, Rachel Carns, Jessica Catron, Dan Eaton
Stage Management: Maggie Goddard
Costume: Michelle Kline/SNAP design
Bear Costume: Mindy Le Brock
Choreography: Janet Pants
Crew: Brad Culver, Jessica Emmanuel, John Kern, Heidi Darchuk
Intern: Sarah Manuwal

Overture composed by THE NEED (Radio Sloan and Rachel Carns)

Under Polaris is a National Performance Network Creation Fund project co-commissioned by REDCAT(Roy and Edna Disney/Cal Arts Theater), PICA and Leslie B. Durst. Created with support from thePrincess Grace Foundation Special Project Award.